The Long Wait Will Soon Be Over

Tired of long queues and registration forms? You do not have to worry anymore. An improved queuing experience is coming your way! Prepare to say goodbye to crowded and boring waiting areas. With QMeUp, you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience and frustration brought by queuing. QMeUp is an application that will ease the hassle of waiting in line. It will help patients and facilities manage queues online. Continue Reading


Adopting Digital ID in the Healthcare Industry

Keeping track of your healthcare history is very important. However, it may be very difficult to do so, especially when you have tons of documents to keep in mind.

One of the major difficulties being faced by hospitals and patients is disorganized patient records. Having duplicate medical records in a single facility is stressful enough. What more if you have other existing records containing the same information across multiple facilities? Continue Reading


Medical Files Going Paperless with QMeUp

Everything is going digital nowadays. Televisions, mail, even thermometers. As technology continues to innovate, people demand more efficiency.  This is why digital is the new way of engaging with customers.

Imagine having your examination results delivered right to your doorstep. With QMeUp, we will give you something even better than that. Your results, straight to your phones.

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Queue Online With QMeUp

Manual queuing takes more time and becomes a hassle for people whose schedules are always tight. There is no denying that it can be very stressful and frustrating sometimes. We have always felt that any time in a queue is just a waste of time and I suspect we all hate it. Imagine if queuing can be done online. You do not have to get a number, fall in line, and fill out forms. Continue Reading


Top 5 Benefits of QMeUp for Patients

Gone are the days of long queues and registration forms. It is time to embrace online queuing. No need to wait for your turn in service areas. No need to think about how can you make your idle time productive as you impatiently wait for your turn. QMeUp is a queue management system built to provide patients comfort by reducing the hassle of waiting in line. It allows patients to manage their queuing, medical appointments and transactions remotely. Continue Reading