Transforming The Queuing Experience Through QMeUp

As patients, one of our common struggles is waiting for our turn. We all know how annoying it can be. Spending an indefinite period of time in queues usually leads to idleness and sometimes—cancelled plans. Imagine if you can do something more worthwhile than just sit and wait for your turn.

patient queue light blue

We understand how valuable time is. Each minute we spend waiting in lines can be put into something more productive. This is why we developed a queue management solution that is intended to help facilities and patients eliminate the hassle of queuing. It presents a smart and cost-effective way to maximize time for your healthcare needs. QMeUp is one way to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction all at the same time.

QMeUp aims to provide comfort and convenience to patients who hate waiting in lines. It allows you to bypass a physical queue and wait for your turn virtually. With QMeUp, you can roam around the area or grab a quick bite and still be updated about your spot on the queue!

Asset 3 (1)


Here are some features that will make your queuing experience better:

  • Online Queue Management for Patients and Facilities

QMeUp features a queue card which shows your number, how many more patients until your turn, and the estimated waiting time. You will also be notified if it is already your turn or if there are changes in your appointment. Facilities can also manage and monitor the queue through the QMeUp website.

  • Facility Locator

Search for a nearby QMeUp hospital or clinic and reserve a slot in the queue before arriving at the facility.

  • Cloud-based Medical Files

We store your medical files for free. Retrieve them anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to return to the facility to claim examination results. Access them through QMeUp.

  • Digital ID

This will speed up the registration process and centralize patient information to avoid duplication of records and other related inconveniences. You can also make use of your ID across multiple QMeUp facilities.

  • Queue for Your Loved Ones

Extend the convenience to everyone you care for with QMeUp. Manage your family members’ patient records and secure a spot in the queue for your loved ones who do not own smart devices.


By upgrading the healthcare system with QMeUp, hospitals and clinics are basically enhancing customer satisfaction and service efficiency without being too costly. Since queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in service areas, facilities should take a step forward to transform their queuing experience into one that is more engaging with the patients. Start queuing the hassle-free way with QMeUp!



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