Adopting Digital ID in the Healthcare Industry

Keeping track of your healthcare history is very important. However, it may be very difficult to do so, especially when you have tons of documents to keep in mind.

One of the major difficulties being faced by hospitals and patients is disorganized patient records. Having duplicate medical records in a single facility is stressful enough. What more if you have other existing records containing the same information across multiple facilities?

Most of the time, duplication of records occurs during patient registration. This might be due to wrong spelling, excessive abbreviations, typographical errors, mistaking middle names, among others. Inaccurate data may cause medical malpractices and endanger a patient’s life. For instance, patients could be given the wrong medication because their records are not updated. QMeUp addressed the problem by centralizing patient information with the use of digital IDs.

iPhone-QR COdeSome people may not understand the necessity of IDs. While most organizations do not require them, there are a number of significant reasons why establishments especially hospitals and clinics should adopt the use of patient IDs. QMeUp provides an ID for every user which can be used across multiple facilities. This will boost the service efficiency and speed up the registration process. The staff can now access the patient’s complete and updated medical history, visits, and transactions instantly. This is advantageous for facilities as it eliminates manual data entry that takes up time and more often causes inaccuracies and duplicate records.

With QMeUp, patients no longer have to deal with the hassle of plastic cards anymore. Since anyone can download QMeUp for free, there is no need to force patients to use physical IDs. They may now enjoy the benefits of having Digital IDs.

We all know that when it comes to healthcare, time and accuracy are vital. That is why QMeUp presents a cost-effective and efficient solution to organize and speed up the registration process. Sign up to QMeUp now.


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