Medical Files Going Paperless with QMeUp

Everything is going digital nowadays. Televisions, mail, even thermometers. As technology continues to innovate, people demand more efficiency.  This is why digital is the new way of engaging with customers.

Imagine having your examination results delivered right to your doorstep. With QMeUp, we will give you something even better than that. Your results, straight to your phones.

Typically, patients would have to return to the hospital or clinic for their medical records. They would have to go through the tedious process of falling in line, getting the results, and bringing them to the doctor for interpretation and analysis. QMeUp is here to help lessen the need to undergo these steps.

Here are some of the advantages of using QMeUp for your medical files:

We store your files for free

theresa-filesStore files conveniently in one place. QMeUp provides free storage for your medical records through the Files & Results module. Patients can easily access results on their smart devices. There is no need to make an appointment with the doctor again. You may discuss the results online. This comes in handy, especially during emergency situations. Retrieve your files anytime you need to.

Your files are secured here

Since medical files contain confidential information, we make sure that they are secured with our privacy settings. When a user uploads a document, it is private by default. However, users have the option to keep their files public—depending on their preference. Public files can be accessed by all the patient’s doctors. For private files, in case they have to share their records with their respective physicians, they have to be granted access first.


Save time and effort

Patients do not need to fill out multiple forms and wait for results to be written or printed out. QMeUp is now integrated with Bizbox Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Records. Facilities can upload the results directly to the user’s QMeUp account through EHR and HIS. This enables QMeUp users to access their records anytime, anywhere at their own convenience. Patients may also review their medical journey through the Timeline module.

Paperless Revolution

The world is moving towards paperless technology. In this digital age, almost everything that you can think of is available online. This innovation has created a more efficient and convenient community. For patients with QMeUp accounts, everything is paperless.

The digital revolution in healthcare is speeding up. Don’t just witness the transformation of the industry, be part of it. Make your customers’ convenience a priority. Redefine the traditional process of healthcare. Go paperless with QMeUp. Say goodbye to large piles of papers and access your medical files with just a few taps on your phone. Download QMeUp today.



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