Top 5 Benefits of QMeUp for Facilities

QMeUp is a queue management system that is beneficial to both patients and hospital facilities. While patients can book and monitor medical transactions through the mobile application, facility users can take advantage of QMeUp’s benefits through the QMeUp website.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using QMeUp in your hospital or clinic:

1. Patient Queue Management

Managing queues online lessens crowded service areas. Facility administrators can supervise the staff’s access while the staff members can manage patients’ medical appointments and transactions. QMeUp also allows facility users to move patients from one queue to another.

2. Real Time Queue Monitoring

public views.gif

Notify patients about the status of their queues through the Public Views. Multiple departments and consultation rooms can be displayed in one screen. Hospitals are in control of what rooms or areas they want to show on the public view screens. The theme can also be customized depending on the color scheme of your facility. Facilities can also upload their own logos and make it visible in the public view.

3. Self-Service Patient Kiosk

With QMeUp’s patient kiosk, patients can easily check the doctors’ availability and transaction schedule. Patients can queue themselves and get a number to help systematically organize the queue. This can help manage crowds and queues and lessen the need to designate a staff member for patient registration.


4. Centralized Patient Records and Paperless Files

Say goodbye to huge filing cabinets and piles of papers. Patient registration and medical results are paperless with QMeUp. Going digital saves facilities time and money as it lessens manual data entry and duplicate records.

5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Queues have a bad reputation because waiting customers have a chance of becoming frustrated or uncomfortable. QMeUp comes with a mobile application intended to deliver the best customer experience to patients. It eliminates the physical line in waiting areas. Reducing queue wait time will enable facilities to serve more patients. With this queue management solution, not only you are decreasing your patients’ waiting time, you are also improving your service efficiency.

Aside from these benefits, having the technology of QMeUp in your facility is a smart way to help improve the performance of hospital or clinic staff and provide the patients their healthcare needs without being too costly. QMeUp is easily the optimal solution to resolve all you queuing woes versus traditional queuing systems because it is already a queuing and ID system rolled into one application. Not to mention other patient-centric features like cloud based medical files and examination results, plus the ability to locate facilities and queue online. You won’t even have to spend a large amount of money on servers, licenses, and website maintenance.

QMeUp aims to enhance the general efficiency of facilities. It eliminates unnecessary paperwork, increases customer satisfaction, and improves customer flow. Experience these benefits firsthand by signing up to QMeUp now!


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