Top 5 Benefits of QMeUp for Patients

Gone are the days of long queues and registration forms. It is time to embrace online queuing. No need to wait for your turn in service areas. No need to think about how can you make your idle time productive as you impatiently wait for your turn. QMeUp is a queue management system built to provide patients comfort by reducing the hassle of waiting in line. It allows patients to manage their queuing, medical appointments and transactions remotely.

Here are the top 5 benefits patients can enjoy from QMeUp :

 1. Online Queue Management

queue card tilt hold

The main objective of QMeUp is to ease the hassle of queuing. QMeUp keeps you informed about your spot on the queue through a real-time queue card which shows your number, the average wait time, and other important details of your appointment. This allows you to estimate if you still have time to spare to grab a snack or do a little shopping while waiting for your turn.

 2. Cloud-based Medical Files

theresa-files.pngNo need to come back to the hospital for examination results. Get yours in the fastest and most convenient way possible. With QMeUp, users have a mini-storage of medical files online. Patients may collaborate with their doctors by leaving comments on documents. They can also view, delete, upload, and download images or pdf files instantly anytime, anywhere.

 3. Digital ID

2017-08-22_15-57-03_galaxys4_black_portraitInstead of Plastic ID cards, QMeUp users can make use of digital IDs—made possible by QR codes that store patient information. No need to fill out registration forms at the hospital or clinic. Simply present your QR code or give your e-mail address to the receptionist and you will be added to the queue immediately. This also serves as your universal ID for all of QMeUp’s partner facilities thus eliminating manual data entry and duplication of records.

 4. People I Care For Feature

people-i-care-for.pngUsers can also manage their loved ones’ medical files and queue for them, too. The People I Care For feature is intended for our family members (e.g. children, parents, and grandparents) who are a bit technologically-challenged. Even if they do not have QMeUp accounts, you can still let them experience the advantages of QMeUp. You can use your account to manage their queues, access their files, and monitor their medical history.

 5. Advanced Booking

Car dashbpard - QMU Map.jpg

QMeUp allows patients to reserve a spot in the queue without having to be physically present at the facility. Users can also locate the nearest medical facility through the application’s map. Upon selecting a facility or a doctor, patients can secure their slot on the queue and be first in line or at least reduce their waiting time.

Experience all these wonderful benefits and save yourself from the dreadful lines, sign-up to QMeUp today! 

QMeUp is available on the web and for download on the App Store and Google Play.


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