The Long Wait Will Soon Be Over

Tired of long queues and registration forms? You do not have to worry anymore. An improved queuing experience is coming your way! Prepare to say goodbye to crowded and boring waiting areas. With QMeUp, you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience and frustration brought by queuing. QMeUp is an application that will ease the hassle of waiting in line. It will help patients and facilities manage queues online.

The application’s features will help provide facilities and patients with seamless medical transactions. You may add yourself to the queue before even arriving at the facility. QMeUp displays your number and the estimated waiting time so you can monitor the queue. Skip the process of falling in line and filling out registration forms with our Patient ID feature which can be used across QMeUp subscribed facilities. Locate facilities and search for available doctors through the application’s built-in map. QMeUp also provides free storage for your medical files. Receive, store, and access your examination results on your smartphone. Everything is paperless.

Queuing has never been this easy. Join us as we transform the hospital queuing experience into something better. QMeUp will soon be available on Google Play and App Store.

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Instagram: @qmeupapp

Meanwhile, you can check out some of these articles to help you get to know our application and how can it help improve your healthcare experience.

Transforming The Queuing Experience Through QMeUp

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