Getting Started

Getting Started for Facilities

Welcome to QMeUp!

Congratulations on creating your QMeUp account. We’re excited to help you experience a seamless medical journey. To help you get started, here’s how QMeUp works.

Set up QMeUp in your facility

After successfully verifying your account as the facility owner, the first thing you shall do is to input the necessary details of your facility in the setup page. Do not forget to put your hospital or clinic’s basic information and operating hours.

setup page_microsoft-surfacepro4-front

You can manage your Facility Information in Settings > Facility. You may edit your facility’s information, settings, location, and operating hours in case there are changes that you need to make.

Organize Doctor Rooms and Departments

Manage your doctor’s consultation rooms in Settings > Doctor Rooms. To modify departments, go to Settings > Departments. Rooms, departments and transaction windows can be added, updated, and removed.

Administer Access to Doctors and Staff

Add doctors and staff to your facility by inviting them through their e-mail addresses. You can manage, grant, and revoke your staff’s access easily. You can do this by going to Settings > People.

Keep Track of the Doctors’ Schedule


View the doctor’s schedule in the Doctors Calendar tab. You can also set and modify the doctor’s schedule by clicking the calendar button.

Manage Queues


Be in control of the patient queue by completing, canceling, and rescheduling transactions in the Doctors Queue or the Department Queues.

Speed Up the Registration Process


Simply scan the patient’s QR Code using a webcam to quickly add the patient to the queue. Do this by clicking the Add (+) button > Add Patient By QR Code.

Public Views

public view (1)

Keep your patients updated about the status of the queue through the Public View. Organize how the departments and consultation rooms are displayed in one screen. You may customize the theme according to your preference and upload your facility’s logo. Make changes in the public view by going to Settings > Public Views.

Self-Service Patient Kiosk


Allow patients to check the availability of doctors and departments. Patients can also queue by themselves and get a number to help speed up the registration process.

For inquiries and concerns, kindly visit our Helpdesk Portal.

We will be glad to hear from you!





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