Getting Started

Getting Started for Patients

Welcome to QMeUp!

Congratulations on creating your QMeUp account. We’re excited to help you experience a seamless medical journey. To help you get started, here’s an overview of how QMeUp works.

Queue Online


There are 3 simple steps to queue with QMeUp. First, search for your preferred facility and doctor. Second, add yourself to the queue. And lastly, monitor the queue using the app.


To reserve a queue, click the add button then search for a facility or a doctor. Select your preferred schedule and click QMeUP button. Input some notes before clicking Queue Now. You can also bookmark your preferred facility and doctors.

Make Use of Your patient ID


View your QR Code in the People I Care For section. Present this to the receptionist for a speedy registration process.

Queue for Your Loved Ones

people i care for_ipad

Queue for your family members who do not own a QMeUp account. You can also manage their medical files and transactions.

Monitor the Queue

move back

The Queues module displays your queue number, your position in the queue, and the average waiting time. You may also move your place in the queue and cancel your queue.

Track Medical Transactions and History


In Activities, you can find a trail of the notifications you have received. The Queue History is an overview of all your queues since you started using QMeUp. On the other hand, the Timeline is a detailed history of your visits or admissions to hospitals or clinics.

Manage Medical Files and Results


Store, access, receive, and upload your medical files and examination results in the Files and Results module. Your files are private by default, but you can grant your doctors access to your files. You can also comment on the files to start a conversation.


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