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Accessing and Uploading Files & Results

With Files & Results module, the patients can now receive their laboratory or exam results on their smart devices. Not only that, you can now upload images and pdf files to your QMeUp account.

Accessing Files & Results

Go to the ‘Files & Results’ module.

As a default, the ‘Files & Results’ you will see will be the owner’s account. If you want to view the files of another patient, click the drop-down button. Then, select a patient.

To set the filters, click the ellipsis button then, simply check the following checkbox:

  • All
  • Uploaded by Me – if you only want to see the files you uploaded
  • Uploaded by Facility – if you only want to see the files sent by the facility

Uploading A File

QMeUp supports images and pdf files. Follow these steps on how to upload a file in Files  & Results module.

First, click the ‘Upload’ button then, select the file you want to upload.
You will see that your file is being uploaded. When the upload is done, it will appear like the picture below.



Viewing A File

To view a file, click the ellipsis button and select ‘View’ button. The file will automatically load.

You can click the ‘maximize’ and ‘minimize’ button to zoom in and out. And, click ‘X’ button to close.

Renaming a File

You can rename a file by clicking the ellipsis button. Next, select ‘Rename’ button. Then, you can now rename the file. Once you’re done, again, click the ‘Rename’ button.

Downloading a File

You can also download a file. Simply click the ellipsis button and select ‘Download’ button. Easy-peasy!

Deleting a File

To delete a file, click the ellipsis button and select ‘Delete’ button. Then, click ‘Proceed’ button to confirm the deletion of the file.

A 1-4.gif


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