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Accessing Timeline Module

The Timeline module is different from your History of Queues. Timeline module is for your hospital transactions history, admission, discharged, and visit dates. This module is integrated with your HIS and EHR transactions.

Accessing Timeline

To access it, go to the ‘Timeline’ module. 

As a default, the Timeline you will see will be the owner’s account. If you want to view the timeline of another patient, click the drop-down button. Then, select a patient.
The left side of your panel are the dates of your previous transactions. While the right side consists of timeline cards.
To view the full details of a card, simply click the selected transaction. You will be redirected to the ‘Timeline Details’ it will show the following details of your transaction:
  • Transaction Type
  • Status
  • Date and Time
  • Name of the Facility
  • Attending Physician
  • Attachments
A 1.png

Attaching a File

What’s even cooler about this feature is that you can attach a file, simply click the ‘Upload’ button and select which file you want to attach.


A 2.png


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