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Granting File Access to Doctors

Your Files and Results are safe with our privacy setting feature. You can choose which files are private and public. Share your examination results by granting your doctors access to your files.

Setting a File as Public

First, click the ellipsis button. Then, select ‘Info’ button.

As a default, the file is set as Private. However, if you want to set the file as Public, click the drop-down button and select ‘Public’. Once done, all of your doctors can access this file.
Granting Access to Doctors
To do grant access to doctors, it is important that the file should be set first as ‘Private’. Then, click ‘Grant Access To Doctor’ button.
Check the checkbox of the doctor(s) you want to grant access and then click ‘Add’ button. You have to click ‘Proceed’ for verification. Then, you will now notice that the doctor’s name will appear below the ‘Grant Access To Doctor’ button.


If you want to remove access, simply click the ‘trash bin’ icon.


A 1-4.gif

Adding a Comment

You and your doctor can collaborate by adding notes using the comment section in each file.
To add a comment, click the ellipsis button and select ‘Comment’ button.
Then, you will be directed to All Comments page. Simply input your comment to the text box and hit ‘Send’ button.
To edit, click the ellipsis button and select ‘Edit’ button.
To delete, click the ellipsis button and select ‘Delete’ button.




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