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Logging In To Your QMeUp Account

Now that you’ve already registered to QMeUp let this article help you log in to your QMeUp account and edit your user information.

Logging In To Your QMeUp Account

First, enter your e-mail address and password. Then, click the ‘Sign In’ button or you can simply click ‘Facebook’ button if your accounts are linked.

A 1-2.png

Editing User Info  

You have the option to modify your user information by clicking the edit icon or any part of your name to open ‘Edit user’ page.
You will then be redirected to ‘Edit User’ page. To edit the details, you may simply type in the textbox.
Uploading a profile picture is also possible. To do so, click ‘Change photo’ button then select the image you want to use. After all your modifications, click ‘Save’ button and voila you’re all set!
b 1-2.gif



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