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Managing Doctor Rooms

As a facility owner and the administrator of the facility, you have access to add, update and remove doctor rooms and departments.

Managing Doctor Rooms

To manage doctor rooms, access ‘Doctor Rooms’ module on the Settings tab. The list of doctor rooms will be shown. If you’re looking for a specific room, simply type the name in the search bar.



Adding Rooms

To add a room, click the add icon. The create new doctor room modal will appear. Enter the room name which is usually the room number, and remarks then finally, click ‘Save’ when you’re done.


Updating A Room

To update a room, click the corresponding ellipsis button of your selected room and select ‘Update Room’. 2017-12-11_10-30-36.png

The update room modal will appear. You can now edit the details and add remarks. Don’t forget to click ‘Update’ when you’re done.


Removing A Room 

To remove a room, click on the corresponding ellipsis of your selected room and select ‘Remove Room’.


“Are you sure you want to remove RM#” modal will appear. Click Delete to remove the room.2017-12-11_11-15-35.png


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