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Online Booking through Facility & Department

This is a step-by-step guide on how to book an appointment online through the QMeUp Mobile App. You can either choose to book through Facility & Department or Facility & Doctor. Either way, they have the same steps so feel free to use what you’re comfortable with.

First, go to the Queues module and click on the + button to add a queue. Then, you will be re-directed to the queueing page.

You may search for a facility or a doctor for an appointment. Registered facilities will appear with the searched hospital on the top. You may browse for available doctors in the facility.

Or you can browse for the department you want to place an appointment to. Available departments in the facility will be shown. You may choose the department you want to have an appointment with.

Once you’ve chosen a department/doctor a modal will load. Then, click ‘Queue’ to proceed with the transaction.


Next, indicate your symptoms in the provided space.

Then, select “Queue Now” to place your appointment.

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