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Registering an Account to QMeUp Mobile

Registering an account to QMeUp mobile is easy as 1-2-3. Follow this step-by-step guide and get your QMeUp application for free!
First, you have to download the QMeUp application. If you are an android user, you can download it in Google Play Store. And if you are an apple user, you can find it in the Apple Store. 


Once you have the application, you can now create an account. Open the app and click ‘NEW USER? SIGN UP HERE’ button.
Choose between ‘Create QMeup account’ button or ‘Facebook’ button. If you select ‘Facebook’ button, your account will be linked to your Facebook account.
If you select ‘Create QMeup account’ button. You have to provide the necessary information. Then, click ‘Sign Up’ button once you are done. 
You will then be redirected to the email verification page.


a 2-5.gif

Check your email. To activate your account, simply click the ‘Verify e-mail’ button. Once, activated, you will be directed to Terms of Service. Check the Accept Terms and Conditions checkbox and finally click Yes.

6-7 a.gif


Easy right? Great! You may now start using your QMeUp account and enjoy all its features. Hope you had a wonderful medical experience!



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