Instant Queuing


Patients can now queue themselves through an instant queueing kiosk in the hospital with the help of QMeUp’s Instant Queue. Find out how it works.

Instant Queue is an on-site queuing system for patients that do not have a QMeUp account. Kiosks will be available around the facility so that patients can place their queues whenever and wherever they are in the hospital. A queue ID will be provided for the patient to use which will be available for the duration of the day. The patient may also use their queue IDs to place queues in other departments. This will enable the patient to place queues on their own (with the occasional help from a hospital staff) without the hassle of waiting for a staff to get their information and place their queues.

priority feature

Priority Queueing

Priority queuing is also available in the Instant Queue feature. Senior citizens, pregnant women, and PWDs can place queues in the priority lane using Instant Queue. There will be a hospital staff nearby in case the patient needs some assistance with placing their queues.

To know more about QMeUp, visit our website at qmeup.com.


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