Patient Registration Made Simpler With QMeUp’s Latest Feature

Unorganized patient records have always been a burden during hospital transactions. To further improve the process of serving patients, QMeUp has come up with a feature that makes the patient registration process easier—the Centralized Registration. Here’s how it works.

On the patient’s first visit to the health facility, prior to any medical examination and treatment, the patient is required to come to the designated representative for registration. This step is essential for the patient’s appointment. During registration, patients will be asked to specify their basic information. Meanwhile, the primary role of the assigned registrar is to capture the patients’ data. The registrar will be in charge of inputting the patient information into the database of the hospital or clinic. Through this, the facility will have a centralized collection of patient information that will make it easier for other departments to be well-coordinated.

Once registered, the patient will receive an invitation to create a QMeUp account. This will be done through e-mail. Patients have the option not to own an account but they are strongly encouraged to do so because of the benefits of having a QMeUp account entails. Upon creating an account, every patient is given their individual QR Code to which all their basic information will be stored. The QR Code is also very helpful when it comes to experiencing an efficient and speedy queuing process in any QMeUp facility.

By implementing a centralized registration, there is no need for the patients to repeat any information before they queue for their consultation or transaction. Since every necessary information has been already captured during the registration process, they can be queued right away for their appointment. Centralized registration will also help save time and improve organization within the facility. Along with the dedicated representatives and proper coordination, you can offer exceptional customer care and increase service efficiency.
Click here to know how to access the Centralized Registration feature.


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